with british army? o_O


with british army? o_O

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The first appearance of Rudyard

Who is still probably covered in jam and traumatized


Top Gear S16 (Middle East)

Friend in need. This is another side of their friendship that we not seeing much . The way Richard sit there near James shows that he really care about him. And the way Jeremy holding that cloth to keep James out of the sun. (It was Richard’s btw, that makes the whole thing even more meaningful)


Where Jeremy Loses, Richard is Smug, and James Throws a Suitcase

I love it when they reference things that happened years ago. The first clip is from season 19, the second from season 5. 

In season 5 Jeremy still had a bit of that strange accent going on. 


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Oh my—I’m glad you said we can choose more than one. As I think most of us have, Richard caught my eye first. That impish smile, frantic movements, and funky hair sealed the deal. After the American special I had to keep watching, just to see the hair length.  When he admitted to crying during the North Pole special, I teared up too. (Then yelled at the screen when he lost—he was so close!)

Then there’s James - slow, logical, gifted with his hands, and snazzy dresser (Ha!). How could one not fall for a tall, sexy and smart guy. He know cars, and can fix them too. He makes striped jumpers hot—who else can do that? Not even the guy from “Blue’s Clues” could pull it off.  When he pulled out the gin at the North Pole adventure I knew he was the classy companion.

Speaking of companions, oh how I wish Jeremy could join me for a road trip. Yes he’d probably leave me behind if my car broke down, but would make up for it with a “present” or a really good meal when we reunited. Jeremy and his presents—crazy at the time, but if considered make sense. The Vietnam special, he gave Richard a galleon. Flash forward to Burma, he gives Richard a clock in the shape of —a galleon. James gets a hammer—Jeremy’s favorite tool. For himself—something fun and comforting—Rudyard the bear. Jeremy is easily dismissed as the “buffoon” (or orangutang).  But once he teared up upon leaving Burma, I knew he’s just a softy. He loves cars, and loves a good adventure with his mates.

If I were forced to choose just one, as fun as Richard can be, as stylish as James can be, I have to admit I’d be most comforted having Jeremy along for a ride.

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Reblogging again because this is actually one of my all time favourite gif sets ever.

Yes, this is beautiful.

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I love you | Richard Hammond

I motherfucking love you

if you could just stop being so sexy and adorable, that would be great.

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