Jeremy Clarkson ⇢ 27/50 pictures

Jeremy Clarkson  27/50 pictures


A few more of our Jezza as a young’un.

Jeremy Clarkson ⇢ 26/50 pictures

Jeremy Clarkson  26/50 pictures

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More Young Jezza!

(Ignore the gold digger)

where do people even get these pictures

why is his hair so ridiculous glorious 

why is there one of him on the toilet

so many questions


Young Jezza on holidays (bonus Andy!)

Jeremy Clarkson ⇢ 25/50 pictures

Jeremy Clarkson  25/50 pictures

Jeremy Clarkson ⇢ 24/50 pictures

Jeremy Clarkson  24/50 pictures


Top Gear shot an episode for season 22 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It was a race (almost the same, they had in London: boat, public transport, bicycle and Reno eleсtrocar). 23/07/2014

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My photos from the hotel where TG guys stayed. Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 23/07/2014. Hammond didn’t show up, and Clarkson just smoked and went away. They were very tired after day of filming.

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