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james’ bag tho!!!!!!!!!!!!


the aeroplane pin!!!! so many pins…………… so cute

is the cutest goddamn thing in the whole bastard cocking world



Where Jeremy Loses, Richard is Smug, and James Throws a Suitcase

I love it when they reference things that happened years ago. The first clip is from season 19, the second from season 5. 

In season 5 Jeremy still had a bit of that strange accent going on. 

there’s not even a point to this gifset, but this segment brings me such joy

particularly jeremy laughing like that

Preparing for the suffocating dust of the Makgadikgadi Pan.


Laughing Hammond, Laughin Jezza, Laughing May.
Love that trio <3
: )


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I also wanted to share the reasons why Top Gear is my favourite show…

These are just SOME of my favourites that always make me laugh on a bad day:

Amphibious Cars Part 1, Hover Van, Robin Reliant Space Shuttle, Stretch limousines, Botswana Special, US Special, Soft-topped people carrier, Epic race across London, Racing with Truffles, Polar Special, Winter Olympics…

Richard is such a cutie, I share his love of American muscle cars, animals and Porches. Plus we’re both short and picky with strange food! I could never forget his love affair with Oliver.

Jeremy takes a lot of shit because of his humour and ‘outspoken opinions’ but that’s exactly what I love about him. I have his books as well that I read a lot on the plane when I want a bit of a laugh.

And James…uhmm, yeah he’s one of my top crushes. His hair, his voice, his awkwardness, humour, ridiculous sense of fashion, his knowledge. I could listen to him go off on a tangent about science all day and never get bored. Yeah.

They are the reason I was so determined to get driving when I almost gave up. I’ve had dreams about meeting them, driving with them and…being the 4th presenter or the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car. Yeah go ahead and laugh, in my dreams, right?

To meet them would make my life, to have a life like theirs is my dream. Ambitious, but rubbish!


Top Gear Monopoly


Top Gear S19E03

Race Arrival : 1-Running, 2-Cycling, 3-Driving

**Love this precious moment. <3