Well it's fucking happened. Locals have thrown rocks at the TG team



Apparently they’ve caused a minor injury on a crew member

They had to go to the police for assistance and to keep them safe, and they left the cars behind. ‘Set them on fire if you want, but let’s get out of here’

I’m speechless

And we all thought that incident in Alabama was scary.

Thought Argentina was an odd choice for them to go to, considering the tensions between Argentina and the UK over a certain set of islands, but I’d never thought it get quite this bad.


Also, don’t want to start making extra posts on this so here’s some English Language sources (reliability of articles pending):

Daily Telegraph The Granuaid The Scotsman

"Local councillor Juan Manuel Romano said the digits 269 on the number plate of the Ford Mustang Mustang Richard Hammond was driving were close to the 255 Britons killed during the 1982 war. He added that the numbers 646 on James May’s Lotus could be taken as a reference to the 649 Argentinian casualties."

I can see how conclusions can be drawn from Clarkson’s number plate but there is clutching at straws and then there’s this.

Thing is, we still don’t know why they cam, what was the overall aim of the journey, because they usually try to keep it a secret until the episode airs. That’s why the locals and veterans reacted, because they assumed, driven by the media, that TG came to flaunter

Chile - JC’s instagram

Chile - JC’s instagram

guys I’m seeing dots moving wherever I look

like just at the border of my eyes


Richard Hammond and the Top Gear team in Gloucestershire (x)


Richard Hammond and the Top Gear team in Gloucestershire (x)

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that’s excellent xD

I only wish I had others to taste :c


wait what

'get a room'




grooblier replied to your link: guys send me an ask and I’ll tell you what I think of you/your blog but in SPANISH

Came for the Top Gear stayed for the James May favoritism

favoritism?? oh I hadn’t noticed

idk maybe he’s the one I most… resonate with?

I meant it in a good way. I like them all, but I love James.

I’ve given up on trying to know if I have a favourite, I just can’t

gimme fic gimme fic gimme fic gimme fic gimme fic


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