Jeremy Clarkson ⇢ 27/50 pictures

Jeremy Clarkson  27/50 pictures

Richard Hammond ⇢ 27/50 pictures

Richard Hammond  27/50 pictures

Well if you think there’s a chance you might pass, you should take it now. The more you postpone an exam the worse it feels, it’s always better to just get over with it. It is you who knows better in the end, but that’s my opinion.

I know, I’ve had experiences when I had to take a final and I didn’t feel ready for it, but just the moment I was about to go home my name was called, and I took it and passed! (I was shaking like a leave throughout tho, and I nearly cried with relief. It didn’t help either that we didn’t have tables or seats so the prof. and I kinda sat on a small platform, as she asked the questions, so it was a bit uncomfortable)


Do what you feel.

what I feel changes every five minutes

what I’m doing right now is reading my notes trying to remember things, but half arsed

Take it in September. U can learn more till then<3

yeah I suppose that’s the most logical thing to do


A few more of our Jezza as a young’un.

(also I’m feeling belated embarrassment for what I did on Saturday)

(particularly the getting-on-stage bit)

help me make a decision?

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