James May ⇢ 24/50 pictures

James May  24/50 pictures



James’ Stern Face and Why You Shouldn’t Be Looking At Porn the Internet On Christmas. 

The first clip is an outtake from Headsqueeze (ep 20) where James admits he gets his porn from the internet. 

The second is an outtake from the Top Gear website. I may be reaching here, but I’m adding this stern look to my dom!James vid collection…

…just because. 

No you stop it :D

I send the internet company a long streak of messages, starting with my client number

their answer?

'please tell us your client number so we can help you'

What TG western AU?

This one~ (link to masterpost list)

I don’t know if there’s another one…

Jeremy Clarkson ⇢ 23/50 pictures

Jeremy Clarkson  23/50 pictures

I’m glad my queue posted that cowboy!Rich pic because I just happen to be re-reading the TG western AU ^——-^


I thought this opener was above par.

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oh hello =D

ygritte-what-the-frick started following you


talk dirty to me


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Richard Hammond ⇢ 23/50 pictures

Richard Hammond  23/50 pictures