I dont have much problem with spiders, I just dont want to hold a venomous one :s

My cat was all covered in dust for some reason, and I picked a bit of fluff off her

only when I looked at it between my fingers it turned out to be a spider

quite alive


Jezza strolling at BBC Studios today.

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oh hello!

brucemeow started following you

mom’s coming tomorrow D:

I have more stuff than I ever use

giveaway: all my things, take them, just take them

well there will be lip licking. not necessarily my own. (oop I went there)

is this going to turn into a tasting competition?

ever think as you’re writing something ‘no I’m not going to say/post this’ but instead of stopping you finish the sentence first?

it feels weird if I dont

and savoury x3

in any way, this is gonna get hot//